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Your First Class is only $10!

Dance It Off is a unique dance studio for adults to rediscover your love for dance, start moving your body and having fun. Our classes are definitely designed for the beginner to the intermediate dancer. Dance It Off in the last year has grown to be a home away from home where you can meet other people who have your same interest. Our studio always tries to make our new clients feel at ease in our friendly atmosphere. Our dance, cardio and fitness classes provide strength, balance, stability and health in a noncompetitive environment. We encourage all levels, ages and sizes to feel comfortable, without judgement at Dance It Off! As owners, Steve does the marketing and chatting with the clients, Jason teaches classes and I, Lynn, take the role of business/cheerleader/participant for all the classes at age 65. So don't think you are too old for our studio, just think you CAN dance!
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