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It’s fun. It’s funky. It’s time to move our boombseys®! Afro Dance Fun-K is a low-impact, high energy, full body workout that emphasizes core movement. It’s a functionally fit workout meaning that the moves are easily modified to lower or heighten intensity according to your needs. The moves are designed to synchronize breathing with the rhythm of the music with easy-to-follow steps derived from African cultural dance movements.

We’ll begin each class learning two fundamental moves and their African names and empowered meanings which will be used throughout that class. Over time you will see many of these moves are quite similar and you’ll have great fun adapting them to fit your style! We’ll follow that by building a good sweat in a fun, follow-along as we musically dance through Africa without a passport! We’ll finish the class with a simple choreographed routine of a few 8 counts to really let our lion’s roar! This is a class designed to align you with your joy and get your body fired up! See you soon!


BARBELLS and ABS class is particularly designed for students over 40 who are losing strength and muscle tone which comes with age. Strength training helps ward off age-related muscle loss, keep your bones strong and promotes mobility. Many of our 40+ age students have been enjoying the benefits of this class and especially the inspiring music. 


CARDIO DANCE FUNK is a follow along choreography to music that just makes you want to dance. The choreography is repeated in the song and most moves are fairly simple. Jason's class is here to burn calories and raise your heart rate.  Check out this link to YouTube!


CARDIO POP is a high energy choreography class to learn the moves to a particular song. Jonathan will create energy, not only in your body (soul) but will increase mental connections and put you in a GREAT MOOD. 


TAP Beginning Level 2, Intermediate and Rhythm classes are offered on our schedule. Tap dancing consists of learning and memorizing patterns, which is a great workout for your brain. And for the adults and seniors… we all know that mental exercise promotes healthy brain activity. So get tapping!  Call Lynn to find out the right level. 404-625-2027

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