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Thanks for joining us today.  If you need more info please call me at 770-512-7500

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How do I get started?

Sign up on our ( no fee ) Liability Waiver.  Then check the schedule for the next class that you would be interested in taking ( the schedule is always up to date ).  There is NO Pre -Sign Up for any of the calsses on the schedule - just come into the studio a few minutes early on your first visit to interact with the owners !

What is a class like?

Folks wear light weight work out cloths and sneakers.  Perhaps 1 out of 15 will be wearing a mask.  The class is super fun - think of it like half way into a wedding who is on the dance floor - all woman with there shoes off having a great time.  You will first notice almost all the students know the choreography perfectly and may seem intimidating but remember when a new song is introduced everyone is new and awkward.  Learning the moves and enjoying the routines is what our program is all about.

Will Jason's class change my life?

Click here to read a wonderful letter from one of our clients - her thoughts are shared by many !!

How much are classes?

Your very first class is $10.  Your next class is $20 for each class.  Most people purchase a package which is $170 for 10 classes or $300 for 20 classes.  There is also an Unlimited package for 30 days for $200.  You can go back and forth in what you purchase depending on your budget or schedule - purchase only what you need and there is no other fees such as membership.

What time should I get to the studio?

Come in about 5 minutes early to learn where the bathroom is, the water for sale refrig is located ( you can bring your own ), and to manage the easy parking.  Don't forget to do the Liability Waiver.

Can a friend take a class and mark it off my card?

Yes, but ask them to do the liability waiver.

Can I take Cardio Dance Funk on Zoom?

Yes, but you need to call 770-512-7500 to get the password for our Zoom account.

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