Aaron began studying the movement of great performers like Michael Jackson and Usher early on. He was captivated by their talent and in awe of their generosity. At that moment he vowed his life to his passion for music and performance.

(Zumba) I am thrilled to be part of the Dance It Off faculty. I have been a licensed Zumba Instructor since 2011. I am also certified in Group Exercise and Strength and Conditioning through ACE as well as Barre Fitness and Fierce Funk.

Beginning Tap, Tap 1        My love of tap started when I was 3 years old and accompanied my older cousin to all of her classes. I was too young to actually take the class so instead danced by myself in the corner of the studio.

Aerodance Freddy teaches all kinds of dance and fitness all over Atlanta. He was born in Peru and is a self taught dancer and fitness instructor who lives a very healthy clean life..

Cardio Dance Funk, Barbells and Abs Jason Cohen was born and raised here in Atlanta. He is so excited to be a co-owner of Dance It Off and teach what he loves. Jason started dancing and performing at a very early age.

Intermediate and Advanced Tap, Tabata Dance Interval Training



Super Marioh's Class will be full of Latin, Hip Hop and Sass for an hour of Cardio. He is from Mexico so he has the moves.

Melissa Lawrence Campbell is a professional fitness instructor and performer. She specializes in SilverSneakers classes for older adults. She performs regularly at Café Efendi Mediterranean Cuisine. She taught and performed salsa and middle eastern dance at Club Med -Turks and Caicos.

Ballet and Barre

Pop Video Whitney, hailing from Miami, Florida, has over 20 years of dance experience.